STAY LEGENDARY (Intro) Lyrics Meanings
by Gee.Q

Mar 11, 2022
STAY LEGENDARY (Intro) Music Video


Lord Forgive Me
I was starving I ain't
Wanna take the street route
Summertime it get cold
Niggas got they heat out
We about getting money
Jewelry on blinged out
Snakes in the grass
Cut em off gotta weed em out

I hope you pray for me
Cause i can't die young
I'm a natural born king
Try to make it out the slums
If the police pull up on us
We gone hit the dash & run
People got a lot to say
Cause they don't know
Where I'm From

This for all them nights
Bus & the train The streets walking
Pressure on my shoulders
I overcome it I'm all in
I wanna be the greatest
These niggas just out here talking
They don't believe the dream
Till they see the money fall in

I Put in all that time
Put in all that work
Climb the ladder of success
Till my knee's hurt
We all try to get it
We all try to kill it
We all try to be the definition
Of the illest

Lord knows i was patient
I ain't lucky I'm blessed
Them late nights & sacrifice
Only made me a threat
See I'm the type to get the bag
& tell my niggas I got you
On the road to be the goat
Don't let nobody stop you

I want the crown & the throne
Or whichever comes first
& I'm a get what i deserve
Cause I know what I'm worth
I got this game on lock
I came through with the plot
Oh now they wanna roll with me
Cause they know that I'm hot

Ayo the world tuning in
The fans coming in
This is what you wanted
Let's get it we bout to win
Dead or in jail where
They said I'll be in ten
Now I'm laughing to the bank
Cause my account got M's

I got enemies got a lot
Of enemies
Oh they smile in my face
But I know they envy me
I'm a go hard go hard
Writing history & I want
My name to live forever
This my legacy

Man I started off blazing
Set the world on fire
Ay it's levels to this game
& I'm about to go higher
I motivate & Inspire boy
That's cause I'm a beast
Oh they shade the underdog
Till they let him off the leash

Anytime i ever fell
I had to pick myself up
So it's only right
I let the world know I'm next up
I never hit these hoes raw
Cause i don't trust em enough
A man I came from the bottom
Elevated I'm Up

We go pound for pound
But I doubt if you'll last one round
& All my shit bang
Got the driller on a hundred rounds
I been that nigga coming through yo hood
Snatching bling bling
Like Mausberg said
I'm The mother fucking ring king

When it's game time
I gotta shine on you niggas
I got ice in my veins
Straight blinding you niggas
& when it's all said & done
Just know I'm prominent nigga
I always knew i was the one
I'm just reminding you niggas

Writer(s): Greg Watson
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

STAY LEGENDARY (Intro) Meanings

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