Lovers Peak

Lovers Peak Lyrics Meanings
by Genii Blakk


Lovers Peak Lyrics

I love you cuz i hate it when you're not around
I love that we can speak without a single sound
I love that you're the only one i think about
You love the way that sounds..bitch
Pardon my French but i meant that in an English way
I'll send you flowers and some chocolates like everyday
You got me running up and down just to get paid
All this so i can get laid...bitch
You make me feel like i'm a man when i am just a boy
You give it to me in the way that i really enjoy
You pressing buttons on me like i am some kind of toy
Got me feeling some type of way...bitch
Its from the moment i met you
I fell in love and the idea was beautiful
Patience is a virtue temptations will hurt you
Think you the one cuz no one will replace you

I only do girls
I only do girls
Baby, baby oh
Just because i really love you

I could've killed that man
He was looking at you like he wants to be your man
Then you smiled back
Felt you told him yes you can
That's messed up cuz i'm a jealous man...damn
How many times should we argue boo
You get angry over chicks that i talk to too
But then it's cool when you run around and talk to dudes
Bitch, hol up i'm posting your
I mean i hate the fact you think that you're the only one that's honest
I hate that you compare me to some niggas that you've gone with
I don't appreciate it when you tryna kill my moments
Cuz whats love without your baby being on it
All she wants its sex and sex and sex again
Call each other then we text and we text again
That type of shit makes you forget that you a business man
Then turn around and ask you
What's the plan

I only do girls
I only do girls
Baby, baby oh
Just because i really love you

I said i'll hold you down
When the chips are down
You the only one I've got in town hey
Pretty girl don't break my heart
Pretty girl don't break my heart
Cuz i got a problem with liars
And mama told me to treat em like i don't have the desire
To live this life so admired
Practicing aiming higher
Her dreams of having a man have totally now expired
She told me without a blink
That i'll grab your balls with some pliers
I'm sick and tired of living
Wish i could take you back
But life is always forward i'll never be going back
To the same nigga that cheated
I'll get his number deleted mistakes won't be repeated
Still i'll be up in her ear
Telling her things that are so sincere
She say she love me but she hate me cuz i play with her heart
I'm like sweetheart
Ain't you been the girl from the start

I only do girls
I only do girls
Baby, baby yeah
Just because i really love you

I got 99 problems but a bitch ain't one

Writer(s): Daniel Mkwezalamba, Mabuchi Mwale
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

Lovers Peak Meanings

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