Ghostface Killah, Takitha Walking Through the Darkness cover

Walking Through the Darkness
by & Takitha

Oct 16, 2001

Walking Through the Darkness Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
Yeah you are now listening to the sounds of Ghost Radio
777 FM, we in God dimension
Sponsored by Stark Enterprise
Shout out to everybody on Staten Island
Don't touch that dial
Verse 2
Hey yo, hey yo, my name's on your roster kid, I mean business
Big elevators mean big businesses
Sleeves rolled up around five, I, loosen my tie
Rough day though the stock was high
Plus I'm hungry, move like the boss of the joint
I know it don't mean nothing cause I brought the joint
But still, realer hits, card dealin' shits
Bass lips, murder topics, niggas ain't shit
So what, I had a rough day?
That's right, and if y'all don't like it
Then motherfuck, y'all is Ghost in the house!
Make noise if it's C.R.E.A.M. in the house!
Aww shit now, fly coffee tables, haircuts dust
Money this long, you wish you could roll with us
Supersoak us, your bitch chose us
Be sure to stay away from friends you can't trust
Verse 3
[Tekitha (Ghostface)]
It's been so long
(Yeah, uh-huh, uh-huh)
Since he had a true friend
(That's right, that's right)
True friends are sure hard to come by
But then again
His loyalties lie within
Always kept his head to the sky
And they can't see, no n-n-no-no
(Check it..I want all y'all, remember this? Yo, c'mon, see'mon)
They can't see him walking through the darkness, no-n-n-no-no
Yo, uh-huh, yeah,
They can't see him walking through the darkness
Verse 4
Yo, yo, yo, the new President America
Flash money, act funny
Party, ride the bubbly
Goons and thugs, double hennessey
One shot to the nose, double energy
I don wallabies, fucking remember me
Guess who's back? The W embassy!
Even in the dark we electricity, rap celebrities for the longevity
Staten and Manhattan, that's all liberty
B.E.T, MTV always big on me
That I rock coliseums, cop a drop BM
Drunk throw his dick out on stage, I gotta see 'I'm
[Then he sung:]
Ha! Let's get drunk! Ha!
Let's get drunk and high yeah!
Verse 5
[Ghostface (Tekitha)]
Yeah, yeah, uh-huh, throw your hands in the air, throw your hands in the air
(They can't see him walking through the darkness)
Like this y'all, like that y'all, see'mon, yeah
(c'mon, no-o-o they can't see him walking through the darkness)
Yeah, ma, see'mon boo, yeah that's right, motherfucker
(No, they can't see him walking through the darkness)
Yeah, see'mon ma, rock that sick, that's right yo, look at ? over there
See'mon, see'mon we breakin' it down
(Oh no they can't see him walking through, walking through)
Uh-huh, these are the best dancers in the house tonight,
Ladies and gentlemen give them a round of applause
(No, and the earth, they can't explain... on his road to become... become)
Uh-huh, that's how I like it, that's right, listening to the sounds of Ghost
It's like that y'all, Staten Island, New York
(the chased and get hazed)
New York in the house, make some noise!
(but ?)

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