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When I Fall
Lyrics and Meaning

Oct 28, 2016

When I Fall Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
I have a lot of hope
And I know it all depends
Because I live a life of love
Going to bring it to my friends
The purpose of it all
It is blowing in the wind
I know that you'll be tempted
I'll see you when I can
Verse 2
When I fall again
It will be the end
Verse 3
I know that you are frightened
You're living in the dark
You need to be enlightened
You gotta catch the Spark
Verse 4
When I fall again
It will be the end
I'll give it everything
Verse 5
I don't want nothin'
Gotta keep on fallin'
Verse 6
Only the golden will take my heart
And I, breathe so slowly where do I start
I know it's hard for those who can't wait
And I, answer no, it's never too late

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