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Mar 3, 2022
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BARS Lyrics

Spittin' 30 bars in my mother fuckin' car
Gonna be a star might as well be from Mars
So far above you, don't get me started
Settin' the bar, bar like an alcoholic
Where's my guitar, tar feeling like Hammet
I'ma rock star like Cher God damnit
Puff on a cigar it'll leave me light headed
Just went too far with the weed I'm faded
This beat I'ma shred it eat it up like a deli
Yeah, completely wreckin' shit it's gettin' messy
So, please be hesitant when you're steppin
Catch these, these nuts just like the Great Welvin
And this shit's easier than a fuckin' easy button
Yeah, wish my girl was here
Cuz I might need some lovin
Yeah, I whisper her in ear
I'm right here baby come on

Gotta make it to the top the very tippy, tippy top
B, bitch I'll never drop
Any minute I'ma pop
Like a skillet when it's hot
Bitch, I'm legit you're not
Just admit it boy I got it
You be diggin' in your pockets
While I'm sittin' in the tropics
With the strippers in the water
Sippin' liquor with someone's daughter
Come and get her where's her father?
I'm a sinner just like Dahmer
Eat some dinner with the bodies
I be killin' as a hobby
I ain't kiddin' you can't stop me
Take a picture, make a copy
Don't make a difference cuz I'm always

Killin' this beat like hipdeebeeb
Yeah, she feelin' on my meat like skeet skeet skeet
Yeah, reelin' in the green like I'm fuckin sellin' weed
Yeah, seen the best of me? Haha bitch please
You can't fuck with me cuz I'm the best there'll ever be
Yeah, eventually be sellin' tickets you'll see
And you'll never be able to compete with me
Yeah, you best believe I'm achieving my goals
Bitch, every body knows this
Switch up my flow it's
Bout to get so lit
Never got COVID
But I'm still so sick
Drop the flow, post it
Couple more doses so I can focus
I am the chosen one like Token
Had my heart broken
That's prolly why it's frozen
So I trust no one
I keep my gun loaded
Hold it up, show it
Load it up, blow it
Code red, go get
The doc just so that
You don't die, flat line
Just a rhyme
You'll be fine
Bunch a fire
Got new tires for my car
Now I'm driving really far
New speakers goin' hard
New sneakers on my card
Every week beat the odds
Don't believe me? You a fraud
I guarantee they'll applaud
When I'm singin' these bars
Let me speak shut up
At my peak every month
Make a million fuckin' bucks is what I'm preachin' up above
Uh huh lotta money
Watch it buddy
Might get bloody
Kid Cudi on the mic
I'm nutty
So you might wanna study these rhymes
Lil dummy
Think I'm funny? Nah
I'm just really fuckin' done
With all the mumble rappin' junk
Hubada hubada it fuckin' sucks
Let me try it make some bucks
Like Giannis when he dunks
I'll be honest this shit bumps
Get some chronic then I jump
Jump, jump, jump

Writer(s): Griffin Mann
Copyright(s): Lyrics © O/B/O DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

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