Gotye, Inga Liljestrom Coming Back cover

Coming Back
by & Inga Liljestrom
Lyrics and Meaning

Jun 30, 2007

Coming Back Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
You've been gone much longer than you
Ever said you had the plan to
I'm just gonna wait 'till you come home
Verse 2
Though I count the days, they're grey without you
The weather's much better when I think about you
I'm just gonna wait till you come home
Verse 3
Empty glasses, burnt out matches
Curtains drawn on near-full blackness
I'm sleeping through the day, you're coming home
To reclaim this heart you owned
Verse 4
Lover, leave me
Make me burn
You're coming back!
You're coming back!
Verse 5
I'll wait patiently for your return
You're coming back!
You're coming back!
Verse 6
I'm clutching at straws
I'm climbing up the walls
But every time I fall
Back into my hole
I'm feeling like a wretch
I'm looking for a catch
But you're an itch that I can't scratch
I know you're coming back
Verse 7
You've been gone so long you're fading
And it takes all the time I can find just retaining
Thoughts of things we did while you were here
But I know you will return my dear

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