The Jam Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
Three, four
Verse 2
Verse 3
On organ, on organ, yeah
I'm playing on the organ y'all
My name is Robert Sam, but my friends call me "Butch"
Verse 4
Dynomite, they call me Dynomite
I try with all my might, they say I'm out of sight
On my guitar, uh huh, on my guitar, yeah
Verse 5
On clavinet, on clavinet, playing on the clavinet, y'all
My name is
Hershel Happiness
Verse 6
Good God!
Verse 7
It's an F-U-N-K box, it's an F-U-N-K box, funk box yeah
Playing on the funk box y'all
My name is C-H-O-C-L-A-T, chocolate
Verse 8
Oh solikai, I am Wenual, they call me the Wiccan
I am not one of you, I will like to make you one of us
All you have to do is just "wisten" to my "wum"
Then you will know why they call me Wenual
Verse 9
On bass, on bass y'all, I'm playing on my funky bass y'all
My name is Larry Graham, but they call me

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