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The Three-Martini Lunch
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Verse 1
I live near Hollywood out in the Canyon
It's a good life if you're winnin' it's a killer if you're not
My wife up and left last night, couldn't stand another fight
The studio boss fired me, my future's been shot by
Verse 2
The Three Martini Lunch
Things will get better soon, I gotta hunch
The three martini lunch, wasting another afternoon
Punching a hole in my life
Verse 3
I came from the backwoods my prospects seemed real good
For actor or director the future looked bright
But I ran in with a bad crowd and since then it's just been down
Alone in the Canyon my only companion
Verse 4
Verse 5
I know what they're saying yeah I'll never get back again
I pushed my luck this time and I'm on the skids
But I know what I'm doing I just can't stop doing it
Me and my companion, hell bent to ruin it
Verse 6
Verse 7
Wasting another afternoon
Punching a hole in my li............fe
Wasting another afternoon
Punching a hole in my life

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