Clocks (Alarm Clocks) [Wake Up Call]
Clocks (Alarm Clocks) [Wake Up Call]

Clocks (Alarm Clocks) [Wake Up Call] Lyrics Meanings
by Grahamx

Clocks (Alarm Clocks) [Wake Up Call] Music Video

Clocks (Alarm Clocks) [Wake Up Call] Lyrics

Waking up round 2 like everyday
Sometimes I break 12, shit it's okay
I don't have the funds, to always show you some
To always show a grand night
I'm on some fucking bum shit
We're still doing fun shit
Fuck that temple run shit
We're not swiping up to do a jump bitch
We're not writing just to get some funds bitch
Just because everyone around you they wanna run but

Babe you don't have to run, cause
You know that you aren't dumb, and
I'm on my Robert Munsch shit
If I don't love you forever
Love for a hundred months shit
Times that by ten a bunch but
Time ain't the shit I'm crunching
Shit I'm crunching

Need a co-sign for your health
Cause that shit does really help
All that shit land on my belt
And that shit add to my wealth

It's on my wallet
I think I might call it
Never got why them telemarketers I finally got it

Wake up tell your crew
Wake up pay my dues
Pay my respect to all I lose
Shit, cause that's just how I gain
Can't you see how the shit that you do affect your brain

Can't you see how the shit that you do affect your name
Can't you see how this mark on my shoe can't get erased
Can't you see how this lack of sleep show up on my face
All I see is the cards dropping I got an ace

This makes me feel okay
This makes me feel like I'm not nothing I can get away
This make me feel like I'm something maybe I can escape
And if not then I'll kick it and I'll just chill with Cait

Man it's too many hours I try to make it great
And all you people so sour can't you expand your taste buds?
Why you waste hugs on the heartless?
Feel like Z-Stardust you can't touch this

All these bitches kinda hard to handle
Uh, it's like me you can't hold a candle
Steal beats and I call y'all vandals
I used to have vans but now I stay in sandals

Can I show you up
Can I show your fans
I got the Midas Touch
Can I grab my cam
Maybe film some what
Kill some shit
Don't wanna be King Tut

Dead at 19
Why'm I so mean
Watching Ice Cream
Till my eyes bleed

Try not to talk shit
Cause that just leads
To unfortunate circumstances

Just so y'all know
I don't really let shit go
I don't really let shit off
When you piss me off and don't apologize

Alarm clocks don't work like they used to
Got my heart jumping don't know what they told you
Grahamx so hot he could burn you
Maybe listen maybe take another turn dude

Writer(s): Graham Hoare
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

Clocks (Alarm Clocks) [Wake Up Call] Meanings

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