Stay With Me
Stay With Me

H2 FrazeMi - Stay With Me Lyrics

Dec 4, 2021
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Stay With Me Lyrics

Stay with me don't you leave me I need you
The high makes me feel alive and although sometimes it's deceitful
With you I feel so alive in my mind it's so peaceful
The dopamine rush before I hold you makes me feel so evil
A sinner at the doors of heaven trying to make it in
But I can't leave you out although all my friends tell me that I need to
You fill that hole in my heart even for a while
I smile and run a mile through hell just to feel this blissful
I got some issues and trust ain't no way I'll make it out
Coz your grip on me is so tight
Saying I'll quit won't suffice
So stay with me don't you leave me I need you
Coz I know I can't quit you till death do us apart
We got married at sixteen
Is when I started to abuse you
And you made me feel alive nowadays I don't feel shit
But my mind is playing tricks that's why I can't leave you

Stay with me don't you leave me I need you
I'm destroying you from the inside that's how I'm supposed to
With every sniff or puff i make you feel blissful
It's deceitful but they say I provoke creativity
You're an artist and I know you need me to create
Placebo effect
Trust me You're just as good by yourself
But stay with me don't you leave me I need you
When you realize I've destroyed more homes and killed people
At the bottom of a bottle lies me and bad decisions
Which one will you choose an hour of drug induced euphoria
Or struggling to be clean with me seducing you
I'll wager you'll choose the former coz the latter will literally be harder keep up
Especially without no luck
So stay with me don't you leave me I need you
In the face of depression I'll always be with you
I'll give you love and affection as I slowly try to kill you

1st Corinthians 10:13
No temptation has overtaken you that is not common to man
God is faithful and he will not let you be tempted beyond your ability
But with the temptation
He will also provide a way of escape
That you may be able to endure it
And that is the word of the Lord

Leave and never come back please
It's a toxic relationship and I don't need it no more
I'm bigger than just a dopamine itch
Which is a glitch
Makes me unfit
To be the perfect version of me
I mean this with no disrespect but you're the worst learning curve I had to digest
A test that I almost failed in my quest for temporary satisfaction
I'm proud of my reaction
And I think I found happiness

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