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Ask Yourself Why
by , , & Dijk, Louis

Ask Yourself Why Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
When you're just out walking and you pass
Little signs that say, 'Keep off the grass'
Did you ever stop and ask yourself, why?
Verse 2
Pretty playgrounds children used to know
Little squares where lovers love to go disappear
So parking lots can grow, why?
Verse 3
Once you start the questions never cease
What's disturbed when you disturb the peace
Pets and children are prohibited, why?
Ask yourself, why?
Verse 4
And when you think about it
Bullets fly like popcorn on the screen
Recommended, wholesome, nice and clean
Making love's the thing that can't be seen, why?
Verse 5
Let your hair down just an inch or two
Let your skin be red or green or blue
They invent a special name for you, why?
Verse 6
On a clear day, oh say, can you see?
What remains of mountain greenery
Have your glimpse of all the scenery, sky
Beautiful sky, as shiny as a penny
Verse 7
So when you're out walking and you pass
Near a sign that says, 'Keep off the grass'
Put a sign right next to it that says, 'Why?'

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