Harry James and His Orchestra, Perry Botkin Poor Mister Chisholm [From Second Chorus] cover

Poor Mister Chisholm [From Second Chorus]
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Poor Mister Chisholm [From Second Chorus] Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
Poor Mr. Chisholm
Played on the mandolin
But he couldn't win
Cause he tried to swing
And he broke a string every time
Verse 2
Poor Mr. Chisholm
Just couldn't dig the jive
When he did arrive at the proper note
He arrived by boat every time
Verse 3
He tried to jazz up his mandolin
But never could quite control it
He always brought Bach and Handel in
When it took a lick, he always broke a pick
Verse 4
Poor Mr. Chisholm
You're quite a gay old blade
With your serenade, but you're corny, Jack
Better truck on back to Dubuque
Get a Uke-
You disgrace your kin
On the mandolin every time

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