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Jan 30, 2012

XIII / XII Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
I see the shade of bliss to come
Right here, in my head
I really don't know
If I live
Across the river of feels
I've reached a lawful lake
Something will hurt me bad
If I lie
Verse 2
Clear off, start again
Like them in the past
Holy trip, hopful coming back
I realize too many god damn things
I realize but it's much too late
I realize I'm nowhere, I'm nowhere
Verse 3
Right here, right now
In my head,
I'm so fucking lost, so fucking lost
Right here, right now,
In my head
Spirits are tripping, Saints Spirits are lost.
Verse 4
Here trapped in the limits of fear
Beliefs and men of god
Will still be that bad
If I cry
Across a lake of fire
There is no one to find
I'll reach a peaceful life
If I try
Verse 5
Clear off, start again
Like them in the past
Holy trip, kind of blind
coming back
Coming back to where I wanna be
Coming back but it's much too late
I'm coming back to nowhere, to nowhere.

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