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Star Invasion
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Verse 1
There he's sitting in his cockpit
Out on guard, ten thousand miles from home
Lookin' through his little window
Earth appears as God's blue magic dome
Verse 2
Just a little bit disturbing
Are those coloured spaceships
Closing in
Verse 3
Star Invasion
From behind the sun
Straight into his face
Verse 4
Seven years they taugh and told him
What to do and how to act right now
He would have to push a button
In his panic he just don't know how
Seems like there's no red alert no more
And so that squirrel wasn't there before
Verse 5
Star invasion
From behind the sun
Say what can be done?
Verse 6
Near to a thousand-eight squirrels beam aboard and say hello
Puke and shit his control board, dematerialize and steer their ships
Away from earth
Verse 7
Star invasion
Praise the Lord they're gone
Mere pollution
Cleaning up's no fun
Star invasion
First touch with a different kind
Ausser Spesen nix gewesen IIII

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