Acid Rap

Acid Rap Lyrics Meanings
by HenneB


Acid Rap Lyrics

Making my money back
Ball out in the west
Im the
Beast from the east
I'll Be
Taking my seat
At the table
the start of my fable
A sip from the ladle
Flavors complex
My dreams
My goals
My foes
Im wondering what's next
The visions they blend
The congac be lifting my pen onto pages
The words
Be filling the lines
One piece at a time
I write as I go
Yall hearing me flow
Im taking what's mine
Y'all waiting in line
Whoever be with me
We having a toast
Whoever against me
Be dead by the coast
Whipping and wise
Hoes and house wives
Thinking you slick
Take out this wax and I'm watching you slip
Watch while you choke while you puff on stick
Thats the pre roll to my shit
Thats the pre roll to my shit
Itching to put in this work
Im itching to see to the change in this world
These rappers be thinking that
Words are just words
That's why the real shit
Ain't really been heard

Climbing the ladder as best as I can
Im finding new ways to get money in hand
Peasants be fighting for land
While kings
Enjoying their time in the sand
This is the box
Hop out the lock
Climb up the walls
Dig in the dirt
Whatever you do
Just leave it
In better condition
For the next you
This is poetic
Cuz Im not a medic
Im tripping synthetic
While helping you seem to forget it
That is the pain In the rain
The gain
Without any rain
Y'all thinking I'm lame
But now that I'm thinking
Damn what a shame
Cuz Im tryna teach
Some already know
But Some I won't reach
A king
The words
The glow
A heavenly flow
Having you picture my show
Hands in the air
Wave like a flag
I am the tempest
A menace
That's serving his penance
All of my sins
That I contemplate
Having me focus on wins
They changing my fate
Comes from the risk
Not playing it safe
I don't want bills
As high as the neck
With no money to pay
That shit is torture
A night with the rain
Thoughts and emotions
Are stuck in my brain
Aches and heartbreaks
Are playing their part
To develop the game
Y'all gone remember my name
When I walk into the sunset
Don't let
Sadness or stress
Clog up your chest
Temples a mess
Taking on negative energy
That's in your head

Writer(s): Henry Bonilla-Segura
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

Acid Rap Meanings

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