Lost Love and Home
Lost Love and Home

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Lost Love and Home Lyrics

You remind me of a sunrise
Back home in Indiana
Where the rains fall slow
And the lightning bugs
All chase us to our beds

Can you hear that old whippoorwill
His song sounds like a warning
Of the darkness that lies before us
And the devil down below

And the rains they fall in the springtime
They say for flowers to grow
But we don't need flowers as we count the hours
And sit back and watch them all grow

Do you remember the time that I told you
How I'd always love you the same
As the time we spent by the river
Skipping creek rocks in the clay

Well the water it flows over limestone
Like a song that we once knew
Well darlin I can't hear, the ripples near
I can only listen to you

And the summer brings the sunshine
To bake all the hayfields dry
And I don't need farming with you in my arms
As we listen to that old river cry

As the days got cool and the nights got long
We knew the end must be near
When you'd go to school, and I'd find a job
And we'd never end up back here

And the times got hard and the world got mean
And the days couldn't pass any slower
My love for you didn't change a thing
It just got a little older

And the leaves they fall in the autumn
And blow along the ground in the wind
As you got smarter my old heart got harder
From the cold dark places it's been

Now the days fly by like the snow geese
Too far to reach from the ground
The nights are long and dark and they cut the days apart
Without a chance of ever getting out

Do you ever dream of the river
The muddy banks and the old shale rock
I hope you can take it and make as you please
And you're happy with whatever you've got

And the snow it falls in the winter time
And they close down all of the roads
I dream of the sunrise in old Indiana
One million miles from my home

Writer(s): Tyler Hood
Copyright(s): Lyrics © O/B/O DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

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