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Losers in a Lost Land
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Song Meaning
Verse 1
See the actors leaving Stratford
Shakespeare holds no secret still
Watch the coin is tossed to the air
When it lands the winner's found
Declares and mocks the tail
Who can say what good becomes of
Verse 2
Losers in a lost land x4
Verse 3
Win or lose amongst the breathing trees
They will not follow they will not
Time enough to grow into some
Verse 4
Losers in a lost land x4
Verse 5
Tread into the misty grottoes
Finding creatures awesome yet
Winner loses freedom tide
Losers win losers win
Verse 6
Losers win the chance to drift amongst
Verse 7
Losers in a lost land x9
Verse 8
Verse 9

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