Hustle or Die, Chamillionaire Body Rock cover

Body Rock
by Hustle or Die & Chamillionaire

Body Rock Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
Hol' Up
Verse 2
Chamillitary mayne
Verse 3
All pussy niggaz make your way
To the exit right now
Verse 4
It's finna' go down
Verse 5
[Verse 1]
How you up on the East and West
And you ain't heard about me
That's like claimin you a boxer
And ain't heard of Ali
Breakin' off pussy niggaz saying words about me
Definition of a real nigga, is a certified me
I'm passin through customs with american I.D
Puerto Rican at the gate tellin me "Hurry Papi"
Southwestern Airlines with the burner, I'll be
Lettin one off in the air, the other sure to fly free
If you hatin', Tough nigga, turn that dude to a stuttera
Govern like I'm a Governor, from the south I'm a Southerna
I'm never lovin' her, I just put rubber gloves in her
And I go get another hoe when her lover discovers her
(Haha) You niggaz know you in trouble
I'm more trouble if you don't know the hell you in trouble for
But please, please, don't make the punisher punish ya
If you gotta girl, then don't get a beat down because of her
Yo metal metal, hit yo head with the barrel
Make yo head cave in, have yo head lookin' narrow
Then I head to the ghetto, to get rid of my metal
Vehicle changin orange, to the red, to the yellow
Chamillionaire, one of the south's harders lyricist
Now you pussy's hearin this, salute the color changin pyramid
Other boys is trouble, other boys is gimmicks kid
If you speak up for em, then yo career disappear with his
Verse 0
Southern niggaz don't dance
We be saggin' our pants
So low you could see our boxers mayne
We body rock, we body rock (what else?)
We body rock, we body rock (fa sho)
Southern niggaz don't dance
We be saggin' our pants
So low you could see our boxers mayne
We body rock, we body rock (what else?)
We body rock, body rock, body rock
Verse 6
[Verse 2]
Only imagine how close
All the diamonds in the jewel sit
Invisable set, canary yellow
As a tulip
I could spit some calm words
To you through my two lips
Or I could have them hollow tips
Poppin out them two clips
You pick, don't run up on me
with your tool slick
I be damned if I get jacked with a strap
Up under my blue knit
Don't do nothing foolish, cause I'll completely loose it
Give a player a new breathin hole with a pool stick
I got hoes, square rooted, doubles and cubics
They be come in groups of two or more
And they be wantin to do it
Got females that do lick, and some that strictly do dick
And if your freaky prove it, I'll go get the cool whip
If you love yourself so much, that you don't want to prove it
You can get up outta here and you could get excluded
Don't know what click that you with, I'm king of the new click
(What click?) Click color change clack, rap, I plan to rule this

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