I Can't Go On, I'll Go On, Aly Michalka Amphetamine cover

by I Can't Go On, I'll Go On &

Jan 1, 2009

Amphetamine Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
On the seventh hour
of the seventh da
the seventh song was looking for a
seventh day getaway
Verse 2
The word came down
from the blinding light
You\'ve got one chance baby
ba ba be baby better do it right
Verse 3
Well I was driving down
on the 101
It was late at night
and I was thinking bout the things I done
Verse 4
All of my regrets
and baby all of my fears
I was slipping the car
from gear to gear to gear
Verse 5
Man I really got going
I started picking up speed
I hit one thirty five
and I had everything I need
Verse 6
Starting shaking bad
fearing for my life
I let go of the weel
and I blew into the night
Verse 7
Verse 8
God bless the child
and god bless his soul
God XXX the idea that he
die before he\'s old
Verse 9
Yeah you gotta be cool
You gotta behave
Ther are times
When I lying in my grave
Verse 10
You gotta watch your step
or you\'ll loose your way
take xxx of he others
and do everything they say
Verse 11
Now you gotta watch out
the man XX XXX bells
Verse 12
But if I fear for the devil
and I fear for myself
Lord I am going to XXX
for everybody else
Verse 13
Oh yeah
Verse 14
I am gonna fly
I am gonna live
until the day I die
Verse 15
I ain\'t got time
to wonder why
but I\'m gonna live
to the day I die
Verse 16
XXX for ever
XXX try
I am gonna live
until the day I day
Verse 17
I\'m gonna make my way
up to the sky
I am gonna live
until the day I die

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