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Laugh at Me
by Ian Hunter Band (Feat. )
Lyrics and Meaning

Nov 25, 2011

Laugh at Me Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
Why can I be like any guy?
Why do they try
To make me run
Son of a gun
Verse 2
Now, what do they care
About the clothes I wear?
Why get their kicks
From making fun
Verse 3
Yeah, this world's
Got a lot of space
And if they don't like my face
It ain't me that's
Going any where, no
Verse 4
So I don't care
Then laugh at me
If that's love affair
I have to beg to be free
Verse 5
Then baby laugh at me
And I'll cry for you
And I'll pray for you
And I'll do all the things
Verse 6
That the man up stairs
Says to do
I'll do 'em for you
I'll do 'em
I'll do 'em all for you
Verse 7
It's gotta start some place
It's gotta start some how
I'll make that other cheek mine
And maybe the next guy
That don't wear a silk tie
Verse 8
He can walk by and say hi
Say hi instead of why
Instead of a why
Instead of why, baby
Instead of why
What did I do to you?

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