Iron Maiden New Frontier cover

New Frontier
by Iron Maiden
Lyrics and Meaning

Sep 8, 2003

New Frontier Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
Bleeding you dry from the start
The sum of my parts
To give it away
New life in a day
Some new Frankenstein
Damned for all time
Verse 2
Cursed by the angel who fell
Who saves me from hell?
And who is my god?
And where is my soul?
Too tired to jump too young to run
Verse 3
Never ending, forever searching
Chasing dreams, the dreams of my heart
Always seeking, always asking
Questions right from the start
Verse 4
Out beyond the new frontier
Playing god without mercy, without fear
Create a beast, made a man without a soul
Is it worth the risk, a war of god and man?
Is it worth the risk, a war of god and man?
Verse 5
I want to end my life now
But I don't know how
Recycled again a lifetime of pain
The spawn of a man
The devil has planned
Verse 6
Verse 7

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