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The Prophecy
Lyrics and Meaning

Apr 24, 1988

The Prophecy Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
Now that I know that the right time has come
My prediction will surely be true
The impending disaster, it looms
And the whole of the village is doomed
Verse 2
Why won't you listen to me?
Is it so hard to understand?
That I am the real seventh son
Your life or death on me depends
Verse 3
Suffering and pain, impending disaster
Souls crying, the Devil's laughter
I heard the cry of the seven whistlers
Lucifer smiles, looks on and waits
Verse 4
I'll take your life in my hands
Your fate, your fortune's in my vision
Heed what I say and you'll see what will be
Please listen to me
Verse 5
Now that they see the disaster is done
Now they put all the blame on to me
They feel I brought on a curse
Don't they know that the torment
Verse 6
It stays with me, knowing that I walk alone
Through the eyes of the future, I see
They don't even know what fear is
Don't they know I'm the one who is cursed?
Verse 7
Purgatory beckons, souls lost forever
Life after death or heaven hereafter
Heard the call of the seven whistlers again
Now Lucifer laughs, Hell awaits
Verse 8
I had their lives in my hands
Their fate, their fortunes in my vision
No one believed in my true prophecy
And now it's too late

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