Nothing Different (Prequel, Pt. 1)

Nothing Different (Prequel, Pt. 1) Lyrics Meanings
by Izzy Lucid


Nothing Different (Prequel, Pt. 1) Lyrics

I'd like to believe
That my reputation precedes me
I'd like to think that in these times
The world needs me
I'd like to convince myself
My girl is pleased to be with me
And I treat her right
As the queen she ought
To be treated like

I look at all these niggas
Fucking up good women
And think "thank God
I aint like that"
I think how could they treat
A diamond like a stone
How could they go out
And treat that gem like trash
How could niggas cheat on
Someone thats down for everything they are
That's with you for the nothing that you have
How could y'all watch the light
Drain from such a superstar
And be the reason that that constellation
Turns into a black hole of
Hatred for love

How could y'all dog a good woman
And turn her into the "bitch"
You claim she is
Why does it take her leaving
Once and for all for you to see
That she was the best you'll ever get
And you'll keep replaying these fucked up
Mistakes you made

You see, Mother Nature will never let
You forget
Especially when you watch another man
Treat her the way she should be treated
You watch him replace you
Put a genuine smile on her face
Take your place in her bed
All the while those same memories of you and her
Is stuck on repeat in your head

Having conversations with karma
As she brutally repays you for what you did

So I'd like to believe
That my reputation precedes me
I'd like to think Im good enough
To be your boyfriend
That I treat you as you should be treated
I'd like to convince myself that im different
From any of these so called "men"

But I cant
Because I know that in the end
I'm no different from them

Writer(s): Aston Gani
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

Nothing Different (Prequel, Pt. 1) Meanings

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