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Gangsta Boogie
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Gangsta Boogie Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
It's gangsta
Verse 2
Welcome to the D where the concrete cracks from the weather
When it's cold, keep buyin' weed packed in the leather
Heat, hail, or sleet, it's snow sleepin'
Stackin' this cheddar, PI mackin' forever
In the D strapped for whatever happens
Whatever cat rappin' that bullcrap we pull that
Dilla with the capital letters
Niggas deliver it good, Dilla just be rappin' it better
Let's just get off of me for a minute
And offer these somethin' awful, me
D-I C-I kill niggas awfully
And be sure that I'm not Al B
Bounce to the bar fool
If a nigga on some raw bull
Pull up with a fuckin' car full
What? I got my nigga Kokane and Snoop
And Hi-Tek to make it gangster for you
Verse 3
It's gangsta
Verse 4
Take a look around it's only me left
W-E-S-T S-I-D-E spend it to get dizzy
D-O double G is he
Willin' to fulfillin' while I'm chillin'
Crip appealin' with my nigga J Dillin', illin'
Still in the motherfuckin' place to be
I show you motherfuckers how a gangster G
Underwater boogie with my homegirl Cookie
Shoutout to the hardest Crip ever, Big Tookie
Rules and regulations choose my innovation
Cruise my levitation
Smooths my reputation
Will bankin', no prankster
For 21 years been known to keep it gangster
One nation up under the groove
I met Obama in some Snoop Dogg house shoes
Verse 5
It's gangsta
Verse 6
I've never been no prankster
I've always kept it gangster
Killas, real niggas, they feel us
It's Snoop Dogg, Kokane, and J Dilla
Verse 7
It's gangsta

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