K.O.S Pt. 2 (Freed)

K.O.S Pt. 2 (Freed) Lyrics Meanings
by J. Qu


K.O.S Pt. 2 (Freed) Lyrics

I'm way up

K.O.S it saved my life I know I'm born a mystic
All good knew I would dreaming above realistic
And where we be where we are
Yeah we all in this shit
We in this shit, higher upgrading statistics
No type of a average misfit
Far so gone kinda distant
I know you niggas could hear me out cause non of these sheep people listen nah
Always been always wide wake
Living the moment define take
The future is coming real fine great
I'm hoping the rest will find fate
I shatter ya scripture to fix ya
Hit you with this elixir
Go getter I'm a get you
Never been a quitter I'm the type to take a shot not a sitter
And yeah and I wont miss cause if this the ish yo it needa swish in order for me to accomplish
Kuz the only accomplice
Real shit never nonsense
I vibrate with the content
Rappers should I say you leave me no other option
Clearly this the way my wave is just better riding
Nigga im just spitting my written and its inviting no lying

Ain't no lying we ain't trying we just chilling aye
I gave two song supply and everybody demand it
You know I always gave my heart ain't even got to hand it
And no I cannot keep quiet I can never can it
But understand this the fucking way that I just planned it aye

This the way that I just planned it
To wide wake the whole planet
Third dimension done had it
And the other thing that gave me life is ascending up imma grab it
And attract good like a magnet its the meditation
That got me gone hear the affirmation
And what it do whats good yes imma have it
Yeah we always at work and expanding a habit
Ayo I seek higher truth
Ground the root ascend to roof cause its a use now
No telling what we about to do now
Words of a old soul old dude finesse and manifest the new school
Now I teach real shit spit class no never get drool
Spread wise ain't be dumb by the beat drum yea that's all you
And yea I see through a few
Mosquito niggas who biting and chew
Draining the you from making a move
And that's an excuse my people you know why
Cause an under-stander can undo
Break the habit new size shoe
And yeah and I see
See through mother fucking all you

Today you are you and that is truer then true
No one is alive who is you-er then you
Word is bond nigga Dr. Seuss
Feeling lost ill give you some use it always starts with the first thought
The first one
That's the thought that effect cause
That's why I treat this life like a play off
This a set off not a set back
Said it once imma get that
And I talk big never chitchat
Me and you is a mismatch uh
Me and you is a mismatch cause me
I open new light to embark
Take you left or the dark what is left no depart
Cause you know you choose it from the start with intentions of the heart uh
That's some real shit
The shit that they need
Eyes peeled back awareness I bleed
No manipulation here yeah don't got time to deceive it's sad now
Inner conflicting forgetting the fact I'm a victim in system yeah it go around
Deep dive in this sea
Collect the conscious way overseas you will receive

Writer(s): Mike Prado
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

K.O.S Pt. 2 (Freed) Meanings

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