Lysergic Thoughts, Pt. 1

Lysergic Thoughts, Pt. 1 Lyrics Meanings
by Jackmanraps
ft. Marc Dee


Lysergic Thoughts, Pt. 1 Lyrics

Something for your mind, your body, and your soul
It's the power to arouse curiosity
The purpose, the goal which one acts on
A journey of force hot like the sun and wet like the rain
Rhythmatic movements in unison with others
Prolong an act of sensation with no limits or boundaries

[Verse 1: Jackmanraps]
Acid... haha!
Ayo it's Jackmanraps
This the mother fucking EP this that debut shit
Shout out to Marc Dee we rolling
Outta Flint Michigan
I think about my creation whenever I'm with Lucy
I write on loose leaf and usually lose it it's kinda goofy
It's loosely music I used to be such a useless student
I almost flunked out I brought the funk out I had to do it
When i was 16 I took some acid and dreamt some big dreams
But now I live em and now I'm 18 and doing big things
I took it bigger the smaller crawlers stay in the water
Your slutty daughter say daddy but I am not her father
I'm going harder I slaughter the price don't even barter
Don't even bother my brother stick like he Peter Parker
And Peter Piper picked peppers and sold them at the harbor
Right there by the water Mick Jenkins told me about the waters
My flow is crazy like mental babies and never changing
The acid changed me like breaking 20's and kinda made me
It made me pause and think about who really made me
Sometimes i think it's God and wonder if he'll save me
I mean these just some of my thoughts man
Like this Lysergic Thoughts be coming quick
I'm a master, like right now I'm thinking
This just the intro let's raise the tempo
Keep rolling up endo and blowing extendos
This cat got 9 lives but he's down to his 10th toe
I paddle through shallow water just chasing a minnow
No saddle when I'm in battle I babble with Babylons
Count my sheep and herd my cattle and hope we all get along
Yeah I was tripping when I recorded this song
So you know I'm truly gifted and lifted hitting the bong
On a mission I'm not switching you switch ups can switch the song
I was swiftly skipping hop scotch and pissing on neighbors lawns
Cuz' mine is greener smoke reefer with mean demeanor
My demeanor is the meanest but swear that my flow the cleanest
You need a dentist please don't pretend this
Swiftly with these similes look at how i present it haha
I'm just kidding I'm kinda funny and goofy
Dorks call me lame cuz I like to watch children movies
But those movies the best cuz they always come with a message
Just like all my music I'm headed for XL freshman
Haha, speaking of a message
I get em from my ex's
Oh wait, I don't have any ex's
Even if I did they'd probably all be down in Texas
Drive through Georgia straight I got a rental it's a Lexus
Now I'm going bout 100 drunk driving while I'm texting
Promise you're protected but I hope you brought protection
Got a Trojan and a magnum I ain't talking Smith and Weston
I've been golden with the bangers Drake gon' make an interception
I've been chosen you can't fathom my instructions or directions
We're the best collective that's always staying connected
Anyone who got a problem is quick to get a correction
I never stand corrected instead I just learn a lesson
Eat a tab and learn a lot Lysergic Thoughts with my best friend
Better follow rules on the court or you'll get ejected
I got kicked right outta school but it's cool to act like I meant it
Uh huh
Ay it's Jackmanraps man this just the intro you know what I'm saying?
Lysergic Thoughts! Flint Michigan! Come fuck with us!

[Outro: Marc Dee]
Lysergic Thoughts..
I'm thinking..
Yeah I-I-I been thinking, I-I-I been thinking cha!
Lysergic Thoughts..
I've been thinking, yeah yeah I've been thinking
Yeah yeah I've been thinking yeah
Ohh yeah

Writer(s): Jackmanraps
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

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