Jadakiss What You So Mad At?? cover

What You So Mad At??
by Jadakiss

Jan 1, 2004

What You So Mad At?? Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
[Chorus: x2]
(Wow) What you so mad at now?
Go get yourself a drink lets all get down
Roll something, smoke something lets blow this pound
No something jump off we gonna hold us down
Verse 2
Uh me n honey on the dance floor just flexing
Till the neck on my white T start stretching
Liquor coming outta our paws and we sweating
But that ain't slowing us down, we still stepping
Her gear is strong, her hair is long, her feet is small
And she smoke weed and all, so we gonna pop us a bottle
And blow a good spliff, VIP is crowded but they all look stiff
I'm well connected, I got wolves over there, and niggas that
Act like pitbulls over here, ya I'm just doing my 1 2 and shit
She's shaking it, doing that Saint Louis shit with her back in it
So I put my bones in it, the rolls go prezzy, got the pink stones in it
Why you want drama with me, I ain't gonna blast you
Before I put the money on ya head I'ma ask you nigga
Verse 3
[Chorus: x2]
Verse 4
Yo yo yo, I'm everything controversial, underground gangsta rap
Slash commercial ya but still all it takes is a long dutch
For me to get your wifey up out of a warm dutch
As far as the funeral, you got it, its on us cuz niggas aint crazy
They just armed us uh, so let me get another round
Now Hypno and Clico will sit a brother down
Haze'll have you feeling like you in another town
Then its time for the gangstas so get the rubbers now
K I two of them swirled things one more drink and ya boy
Might be doing the earl thing, ma its me, you and whoever ya girl bring
Meet me in the back, I'm outside the pearl thing
I got the trate pound hooked on my waist
When they mention my name around other rappers, look in they face and say
Verse 5
[Chorus: x2]
Verse 6
Can't knock a nigga that didn't make it, if you try
Far as me though, my spot is celitified so when I hit my number
I'ma hit it high and when I'm dead and gone, they gonna say I did it live
Cause I done been too nice for way to long, they cant hold me back I'm way to strong
Double R D-Block that's what it is and that's what its gonna be
We getting it on I just wanna know
Verse 7
[Repeat: x2]
What you so mad at now
Let's all get down
Let's blow this pound
We goin' hold it down

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