Dear Diary
Dear Diary

Dear Diary Lyrics Meanings
by Jafri
ft. Tizzy Fields

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Dear Diary Lyrics

I'm sorry universe I tried to make a change
But I'm only growing older wiser blood up in my veins
Heart hallow
I died inside my pride is hard to swallow
Never a happy camper always wallowed in my sorrow
Tried to get back
Tall nappy headed young Molato
Wasn't ever leader so I followed
Man where'd the time go
A king has arisen from deep end hallows life ain't promised tomorrow and
I know my time is borrowed
Constantly flying I need to lie low
King of my section far as I know
The only one to spit the truth and hit the high notes
My brothers idol
I save lives check my bio
Y'all like to talk but when you see me you get dry throat
Nice try though
But what's a Pippen to a Michael
My screws tight but I'm psycho
Try not to loose faith so I grab my bible
Or else the riffle
Ain't tryna get locked for life no

What am I
What am I
What am I
What am I

What am I
What am I
What am I
What am I

Anxiety heavy in head
Anxious I'm ready to get
Set up the coffin I guess
Burry me down in the dirt
I wish you killed me at birth
I wanna vanish like air
I wanna get outta here
Hate when they fucking compare
I'm not like none of them there
I'm not my cousins I
Pull to function
Always feel like I'm nothing
Like look what they done
Doctors and scholars they balling
They come from straight at the bottom
Maybe I just I got a problem
God I need answer for this question
Why you got to take my little cousin
He ain't never sin
He ain't never been
Always listened with no reason
Golden young king
Gone with the wind
God took a good thing
Angel gone sing
When your spirit come
Say hi to grandpa for me
Say hi to grandma for me
Uncle I hope you find the strength
Still can't believe what to think
Middle child gone like a blink
Never thought it'll be him
Never thought I'll live in
Where I can't speak to my cousin
Phone keep ringing
They wanna know the whole situation
But I don't wanna no conversations
I been just fucking up my blessings
Took another L no lesson

Writer(s): Jafri Sobhan, Tyler McPherson
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

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