CELLBLOCK C Lyrics Meanings
by Jay and the Cooks



My name is George Lewis I'm in cellblock C
the judge said natural life 1983
an 8 by 12 cell that's been my home
you got my body not my soul

And I will never be whole again.

You said I killed the grocer named Roman Ortez
took all his money, shot him in the head
but you never explained where all that money went
and you never explained those stranger's fingerprints

And I will never be whole again.

the state had two witnesses who identified me
as the man in black they'd seen flee
well I cursed that stain for 18 years
I cursed the god who put me here

gangsters and sadists they came for me
I learned to fight but I learned not to see
those screams in the night, I did not hear
there's only one man in prison, there are no friends here

And I will never be whole again.

Along came new fingerprint technology
year after year the state denied my pleas
finally their own computers forced them to see
the real murderer, hell he was in cellblock

I walked out of prison on a cold November day
and I discovered that my soul had lost its way
I'd held it so close I couldn't let go
I couldn't love the people that meant the most

And I will never be whole again.

So you the people, you put me here
and what kind of lessons did you learn?
If there are innocent men imprisoned are you really free?
every cellblock holds someone just like me

and we can never be whole again/how about you?
and we can never be whole again/can you?
and I will never be whole again

Writer(s): John r. CLARK
Copyright(s): Lyrics © SEEDS N HARVEST
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind


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