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I Do It for Hip Hop
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I Do It for Hip Hop Lyrics

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Verse 1
I do it for hip hop
I do it for hip hop
Verse 2
Now this is what they call poetry in motion
My soul bleeds on the paper, heart screems with emotion
This my daily devotion, the verses stay deaper then the ocean
So hip hop you owe me a promotion
Yea I do a little boasting and bragging
Whats all the commotion and nagging about?
Cuz Im Still the Champ in the south
Cuz rappers get in the booth and I keep dragging them out
For they fire at these pink slips im handing them out
Cuz this is theatre of the mind
Considerate a sign of whats to come next
My moneys just fine bank filled with dumb checks
Terrorist threat flow, proceed to drop bombs like mr.pump flex
But I don't do it for the money, I do it from the heart
I do it with the beatbox, I did it from the start
I do it for the DJ's, I do it for the chart's
The fan gel flow,luda do it cuz it's art
I do it for the fans, I do it on command
I do it for the front row, I do it for the stands
I spit it for the hood, I do it for the block
It's Nine Years old, I did it for HIP HOP!
Verse 0
I don't do it for the cars and the fancy drops
I do it for HIP HOP... I do it for HIP HOP... I do it for HIP HOP...
And I don't do it for the chains and the flashing rocks
I do it for HIP HOP... I do it for HIP HOP... I do it for HIP HOP...
Verse 3
I do it for HIP HOP and never ever stop
Till I get copped, popped, or arrested and locked up
Not for the lowrider with the chrome T-Top
Not for the money that can cop any shop
Not for any Hot Mamas, But nonstop change like obama
No need for drama yo I do it for my soul
To hold and control what I can and thats the goal
To puncture a hole in the bag and leak the movement
Improvement thats the destination, provin the obligation
Chainging the population, making the situation
Better now then ever, n' vow to educating
The hood to good choices and getting a place in
Society with the things we facing, while they hating
We racing to like the masons all the way to the top
Cleaning up the game from the same damn thing
Cats faking and acting lame just to attract fame
But lyrically we react and blast them with words not gats
We (w)rap words around them like an island on a map
[removed]As I put on my fitted cap, I think about the music
And why we do it and how we do use it
To be a nuisance to the common mind
And it's time for the whole world to see me with a blinding shine[/removed]
And I'll never flop or fake with any of them props
Cuz I don't do it for nothing other then HIP HOP!

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