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McNasty Filth
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May 13, 2014

McNasty Filth Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
Uh, yea come on
Verse 2
Its Frank Nitty in the place to be
With J - D to the ILLA and the L.I.B
So let me see you touch the sky
Let me see you raise them hands up high
Verse 3
Madlib, Frank, Dank, Dilla
Chasing paper blazin up in this bitch
We raise up the stakes
A little bit and SHUT SHIT DOWN
Tone to chrome to the zone
Verse 4
You need to put your hands up
Is what you need to do
Plus niggas got game like the Ps2
Its Dankery off and here bout to set it
Things looked charged in here bout to let it go
Verse 5
Back and Forth like a big ol ass
I'mma mack of course thats a big ol ass
Got me up in this muthafucker
I am in this muthafucker
Verse 6
Yea nigga!
D.I.L.L.A the man the myth
The plan is to get the grands
And cause panic when I spit that
Its that bout it, bout it
Niggas thinking they hot but its not
Verse 7
It's Dank Hard looking for hoes
The ones that working it hard
Im looking for those
So they can shake their ass for us
I told yall in McNasty trust
Verse 8
We got bitches, weed and blunts
We go with the fall guys leading stunts
Cause players is out here doing their thing
I told what McNasty brings
Verse 9
It's gangsta we all chasing scrilla
Bet your ass, that its not a game
We real ghetto with the
Filth, flarn, flarn, filth
Hittin em hard with the bars that I spit
Verse 10
It's Frank-N-Dank
You know who it is
Rocking over tracks with Dilla
And my nigga Madlib
Cause we are in this muthafucka
We are in this muthafucka
Verse 11
It's Frank, Dank, Dilla
Chasing paper, blazing up in this bitch
So raise up the stakes nigga
Verse 12
We are in this muthafucka
Verse 13
It's Frank, Dank & J Deezy
With Madlib colabin'
To bringin that heat to blast nigga
Verse 14
We are in this muthafucka
Verse 15
And we gets dirty
Like we bred and crispy
Stripin away your pride
We get busy with the
Pat Banis Madlib
And J to the Frank
And mad is at it again
And we got those chickens
Plus the flow is sick
Known for the pimpin
Hoes blow the dick
When I pop collars
Drop dollas, hop , hoppin
In and out of 2000 plus caddys
And blazin that ism
Bangin that boomin system
Jeep volume, feets tallin
Jeep crawlin, we ballin
Told yall before not to play me out the gate
Gettin cake and rocking chains
Making nigga , NV, tens beating
Takin the game like Vincent C , nigga
Verse 16
White niggas go straight to the back
Cause we all up in here
Dont know how to react when
Verse 17
We are in this muthafucka
Verse 18
All ladies go straight to the front
Cause we're real playalistic
We know what you want when
Verse 19
We are in this muthafucka

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