Jeff Buckley Alligator Wine cover

Alligator Wine
Lyrics and Meaning

August 24, 2004

Song Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
Take the blood out of an alligator
Take the left eye out of a fish
Take the skin off of a frog
And put 'em all in a dish, huha
Verse 2
Rifle from the side over your shoulder
And count one to nine
Like a scary can freezer
And you got alligator wine
Verse 3
Alligator wine
Your porcupine
It's gonna make you mine, huha
Verse 4
It'll make your baby bald
It make your toes freeze
It'll make you stare out your eye balls
It'll make you cough and sneeze, haa choo
Verse 5
You'd be wanting for air
But I give you my portion 9
When you drink it, alligator wine, huh
Verse 6
Alligator wine
Your porcupine
Gonna make you mine, huh
Verse 7
Alligator wine, your porcupine
It's gonna make you mine
It's gonna make you mine
Huh, look out, who's that? Huh

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