Jeff Hamilton, John Clayton, Milt Jackson, Cedar Walton, WDR Big Band Reverence cover

by Jeff Hamilton, John Clayton, Milt Jackson, Cedar Walton & WDR Big Band
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Reverence Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
I'm cool. I'm lookin after myself
As I would never place wealth before my spirit
I fear it's unhealthy, the devil creep around you so stealthy stealthy
Verse 2
Til ya get bold, rush the gold an before ya time is over
Ya soul is sold, where's it gettin ya?
Competition start swearin ya, goldiggers setting you up
Verse 3
Soon be forgetting your existence
Do ya need a for instance?
I hafta admit admire your persistence in stickin to a game plan
That brings ya pain man
And at the end of the day nothin is gained
Verse 4
Listen to the voice within. I'll see ya later
Pay heed to the grand oral disseminator..

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