Sidewalk Talk
Sidewalk Talk

Sidewalk Talk Lyrics Meanings
by Jellybean Recordings

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Sidewalk Talk Lyrics

Watch where you walk 'cause the sidewalks talk
And you can't keep a secret from the ground beneath you
Step very lightly on the earth below
Or before you know it everyone will know

Streets were paved with a thousand eyes
And try as you may you can't disguise
There's only two things that you can't hide from
That's you and the ground you're walking on

Watch where you walk, 'cause the sidewalks talk
You better watch what you do, what you do
'Cause the sidewalk talk can get carried away
You better watch what you say, what you say

Think when you speak 'cause you gotta 'long the street
They can read what you say so you gotta stay away
From words that sting, words are not true
And the things you say make a fool of you

Little white lies make the sidewalk cry
And you can betray with the things you say
Words won't last when you say 'em too fast
And you've been mislead by the things you've said


When you're living on the street
Life can be full of misery
Find a place to call your own
Make your heart into a home

[Repeat: x3]
You can do it, uh huh

You can do it

After every word there's a place that heard
Every time your shoe hits the avenue
And when you've gone they'll sing a song
Of the stories you told when you felt so bold

You better think twice when you cross the ice
Everything you do comes back to you
When you're shedding a tear sidewalks will hear
When your laughter's true they'll run with you


[Repeat: x3]
You can do it, uh huh

You can do it

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Sidewalk Talk Meanings

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