Jerry Garcia Midnight Getaway cover

Midnight Getaway
by Jerry Garcia

Nov 15, 1982

Midnight Getaway Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
I heard you round about midnight
Slipping out of the bed
You thought that I was fast asleep
Verse 2
Heard your slippers in the midnight hallway
And I heard you rustling around
Trying not to make a sound
Verse 3
Heard the tap of your high heels
And the click of the lock on the door
Baby, I hope you know what you're doing
Verse 4
Heard you walking down the stairs
And I counted them one by one
One for each year that flew by
Verse 5
Heard you stop and turn back once
Then I thought that I heard you sigh
Or maybe it was the breeze
Verse 6
Heard the jingle of your keys
Then you stumbled and cursed the cat
That was sleeping on the stairs under the stars
Verse 7
Heard you open the car door softly
You must have been there half an hour
Turning it all round in your head
Verse 8
Were you sitting there waiting
For me to come down and call your name?
I wonder, were you waiting for me
Waiting for me, waiting for me, waiting for me
Verse 9
Then I heard the motor turn over
And I heard you driving away
Way before the break of day
Verse 10
Heard your engine for a long, long time
'Cause the night was so cold and quiet
As you made your getaway in the night

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