Jill Scott, Ivan Barias Bedda At Home cover

Bedda At Home
by & Ivan Barias
Lyrics and Meaning

Aug 31, 2004

Bedda At Home Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
You're that kind
That turns my head and makes me look
Whoa whoa whoa uh uh uh...uh
You're the kind
Verse 2
That makes me pull single dollars
Out my pocket book, ooh baby
You're sexiness in my restitute makes me
Want to cook my favorite recipe
Verse 3
And place it on your table, baby
Your in-toxic ting and so divine
You're the kind that stays on a sista's mind
Verse 0
Alright 'cause I know
'Cause I Know know know,
I know, I got something better at home
I know I got something better at home
I know oh oooh woo woo wooo
I got something better at home
Ohhhhh oohhhhhh
Verse 4
He's the kind that breaks it down
And curls my toes, woo woo woo baby ow
He's the kind that loves my mind and feeds my soul
And I love it baby
Verse 5
His intellect and outer respect, makes me want to crawl
And be my best
And I know...
He loves his baby
Verse 6
He sense of self and silliness
Makes the hardest things
The simplest and I look but don't touch
Never know baby
Verse 7
'Cause, I got something better at home
Ooh ohoo ooo
'Cause, I got something better at home
Ooh ohh woo wooo
Verse 8
Baby I know you love me
And your love is wonderful
You help me feel free
I won't betray you unintentionally, or intentionally
I got you babe
You can rest your shoulders and sleep at night

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