Jill Scott Jahraymecofasola cover

by Jill Scott
Lyrics and Meaning

Jul 24, 2015

Jahraymecofasola Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
I would climb inside
A red balloon floating towards the noon
For you
I would fly across the midnight sky
The stars and the moon
For you too
And on that flight I devise a
A new way to say
How much I love you
Tippy tah, sight ah tay
I'm still working on it, baby please forgive me
I think I try
Verse 2
How bout jahraymecofasola
How bout jahraymecofasola
How bout jahraymecofasola
Verse 3
Verse 4
On my way I realized
I didn't have a gift for you
So I racked my mind on what it is now
That I am supposed to do
Then it hit me I kissed the love in the air
Hugged rain before it falls down
Put infinity into a melody
And see how it sounds
Verse 5
Sounds like
Sounds like jahraymecofasola
Sounds like jahraymecofasola
Verse 6
Oh almost there now, oh
Just a million miles to go oh
And still I can contain
How you make me glow, oh you make me glow
People look up at me and ouh
They think that I'm a star
But it's all because the love you give to me
It made me who I are
Verse 7
And it sounds like, it sounds like
Hmm, it sounds like jahraymecofasola
It sounds like jahraymecofasola
Verse 8

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