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But I Like You

But I Like You Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
Ernie: Bert? Hey, Bert? Bert?
Verse 2
Bert: Ernie, what is it? I'm trying to sleep.
Verse 3
Ernie: Hey, Bert, did you ever think about all the things you like?
Verse 4
Bert: Well sure, Ernie, but not now, huh?
Verse 5
Ernie: Yeah but, just tell me something you like, Bert.
Verse 6
Bert: Ernie, I'm trying to sleep.
Verse 7
Ernie: Oh come on, Bert, just one. Just name one thing that you like okay? Name just one.
Verse 8
Bert: Alright, Ernie, I'll try.
Verse 9
Verse 10
I like paper clips
Verse 11
Ernie: Paper clips?
Verse 12
Bert: Paper clips!
I like bottle caps
Verse 13
Ernie: Bottle caps
Verse 14
Bert: Bottle caps!
I love pigeons, yeah
Verse 15
Ernie: Pigeons?
Verse 16
Bert: Love pigeons, oh, yes I do
Verse 17
Ernie: Well, Bert, you know
I don't really like any of those things
But I like you
Verse 18
Bert: Aw, Ernie
Verse 19
Ernie: I like playing jokes
Verse 20
Bert: Playing jokes.
Verse 21
Ernie: Playing jokes!
Love my rubber duck
Verse 22
Bert: Rubber duck.
Verse 23
Ernie: Rubber duckie!
Verse 24
Ernie: I like bubble gum
Verse 25
Bert: Bubble gum.
Verse 26
Ernie: Bubble gum! Yes I do
Verse 27
Bert: Well now, Ernie
I'm not crazy 'bout any of those things
But I like you
Verse 28
Ernie: I like to lie awake
In bed at night and talk to you
Verse 29
Bert: Yeah, I know
I like to say goodnight and go to sleep
Verse 30
Ernie: I like to go and see the big hippopotamus in the zoo
Verse 31
Bert: Hey, Ernie, you know what?
Verse 32
Ernie: What, Bert?
Verse 33
Bert: I like that, too!
Verse 34
Ernie: I like jelly beans
Verse 35
Bert: Jelly beans?
Verse 36
Ernie: Jelly beans!
Verse 37
Bert: I like lentil soup
Verse 38
Ernie: Lentil soup?
Verse 39
Bert: Yeah!
I like a marching band
Verse 40
Ernie: I like a music box
Verse 41
Both: Yes I do
Verse 42
Ernie: But though I don't always like everything
Verse 43
Bert: That I like
Verse 44
Both: Still I like you
Verse 45
Bert: Though I'm not too crazy about your rubber duckie
Verse 46
Ernie: Though I don't love pigeons
Verse 47
Both: Still we're awfully lucky
'Cause I like you

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