Big Worm

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by Jip


Big Worm Lyrics

If I say it to the universe it happen for me
Niggas say I'm acting different cause I'm making money
Niggas trap in the game kinda like jumanji
You either crawling with snakes or hanging with the monkeys

I heard a older person say be careful what you ask for
2600 hundred what you paying for the gas tho
If the pack ain't right we gone take that bitch back tho
Bust it open bust it down try it shando

If the shit don't smoke right
It's gone be a long night
I'm a have to catch a flight
Find me a new plug
Hit California I'm find me a some new drugs

By 10 front 10 I hope that motherfucker show love
Don't worry about the money nigga know that we gone handle that
I'm just trying figure how the fuck we gone get it back
I ain't fucking with the mail cause I heard that they seizing packs
I'll throw it in the trunk but its gone be a long drive back
Cause I can not fuck with no middle man niggas be fucking up all the prices

Cause I need some options when I be shopping
Cause I need to see if I really like it

Don't ask me about grams I zip em out
I call up my plug, when you shipping out

He told me it's cheaper if I come and get it
He told me he charging if he got to ship it

Just send me the invoice and send me the ticket
If that shit smoking good I can charge em 250

See the life that live I don't speak about
I travel a lot so I see a lot

See I got relations I trap out my sister house
Shit I'm catching plays, I just trap when they cooking out
My nephews they work for me shit they be looking out
My uncle be nosey he watch when I took it out
Shit I got some business that nobody know about
Lil brother be trapping that nigga be showing out
He come back with money every time he be going out
If I catch I case the judge gone throw it out
I listen to rappers I wonder if they trap for real
I think they just bored, I think that shit just cap for real
A nigga be broke be trying to catch a deal
A lot of the niggas they flex with no chill

These niggas be trapping for a trend
These niggas be trapping for a Benz
These niggas be trapping not to win
I don't understand why they prentend
Niggas be trapping for the gram
Niggas be trapping for a like
Niggas be trapping for a bitch
Try to get a bitch that they like

I ain't never seen you sale no weed
You smoking ass nigga that's what you mean

Debo to the pack nigga I might snatch it
You a pussy ass nigga might let me have it

Discount for my brother 21 like savage
Making plays in the middle of the day like madden

This shit a have floating on the carpet like Aladen
This shit right here make you break bad habits

Man the buds that they roll, man this like cabbage
Orange strings in that bitch and it look carrots

Nigga I don't even try this shit I just supply it
And if you really like it nigga gone head buy it

Shit I got some niggas in collage they serving packs
Soon as they get it, that pack they gone murder that

When they get some new shit, be like I heard of that
They like when it touchdown, they feel like a running back

Nigga been trapping got shit in a mason jar
Zip lock bags and I keep me some tuger ware
Vacuum seal it up so the smell you compress it
Shit so strong duck tape might help it

Gotta whole team of workers nigga you don't even talk to me
If it ain't about the money, then the problem ain't brought to me

If I throw you pack, lil nigga I need interest
I need some extra to start what you finish

I give you a chance to make what you earn
Don't smoke my shit I feel like big worm
I give you a chance lil nigga don't slip
Cause I'm about that action I kill you about zips
If I gave you too much don't let that shit hinder you
It ain't about the money, this shit about the principle

It ain't about the check
It ain't about the love
It's just about respect
My nigga what's up

Writer(s): Justin DeLoach
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

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