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U Don't Hear Me Tho'
by Joe Cooley &

U Don't Hear Me Tho' Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
But you don't hear me though
(Funk, funk, funky)
Verse 2
Muthafuckin punk
Look who's hangin out with the Falcons
Just because you're on top of the mountain
But what goes up, must come down, hoe
Verse 3
They didn't give a fuck about you years ago
So what you're gonna do when it's on sinkin
Muthafucka, you probably start drinkin
I don't know, but I'll never be a sucker's friend
Verse 4
Just because a fool's makin dead presidents
Rodney O & Joe Cooley will never quit
And all that bullshit dancin ain't sayin shit
I'm only down with my homies from the get-go
Verse 5
Fuck O.P.P. and a sideshow
If you don't like it, here goes my middle finger
Rodney O's keepin one in the chamber
Who you're foolin, you puff, you prance, punk hoe
Back to the hood, fool, but you don't hear me though
Verse 6
(Funk, funk, funky)
Verse 7
Here I go with the flow, some dope stuff from Joe
Why don't you sit back, hey yo, and bob with the tempo
So what up, niggas? Yeah, I got the funky jam
Come up on your blindside - aw shit, here I am
Verse 8
I'm not down with the r&b, it make me sick
Seeing a crooner tryin to add a rap a little bit
You know what I'm talkin about, that shit's not real rap
They try to add the hip-hop flavor, and it's still wack
Verse 9
Rodney O, Joe Cooley got the gangster track
Comin off strong, we're not givin no slack
Kickin street shit cause I know it would stick
I got the hoochie mamas hummin on my dick
Verse 10
Sit back, rap lovers, and smile
The crew is about to entertain ya for a while
You love it, you like it, it's a straight up rap show
And to you r&b fans, you don't hear me though
Verse 11
(Y'all ready for this?)
Verse 12
Time for me to kick another fly funky verse
And if I die, put a sound system in my hearse
You don't hear me though, here's a title, bro
I'm callin money when I slam down my domino
Verse 13
Ugh - fever in the funk house
Yeah, and if you play, then you know what I'm talkin about
Who you're foolin when you say that you can fade the O?
I got a New York critic in a choke hold
Verse 14
He dissed my record cause he didn't like my vocals
Now I'm showin him the meaning of loco
I'm not friends with my peers, so I'm overlooked
I got the p-funk, fool, on a funky hook
Verse 15
I'm payin suckers back for all the years of dissin me
But now I'm rollin, and there ain't no stoppin me
Rodney O and Joe down with the psycho
Back to the hood, fool, but you don't hear me though
Verse 16
(Funk, funk, funky)
Verse 17
L.A.'s the place where the hardcore is happenin
That's the way it is, so that's the way we're rappin
Some New Yorkers don't know where we're comin from
And one had the nerve to try to diss Compton?
Verse 18
I take it personal when you diss my hood, son
Now you got me want to break you off some (yeah)
Now you got me want to break you off some (yeah)
Now you got me want to break you off somethin
Verse 19
(Funk, funk, funky)
Joe Cooley is (funk, funk, funky)
Rodney O is (funk, funk, funky)
This jam is (funk, funk, funky)
But you don't hear me though
Verse 20
(Funk, funk, funky)
But you don't hear me though

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