Fake Death

Fake Death Lyrics Meanings
by Joe DeVito


Fake Death Lyrics

I was lost in a trance
When my fate took it's stance
And directed my hands
Towards the door from my family and friends

With a broken young mind
In a big broken time
I began to despise
And to find that my comfort is leaking

And I wanted to die
But I couldn't see God
So I figured I'd try
And I'd make it all up in illusion

So I faked my own death
I held on to my breath
Moved on with regrets
Far too passing and subtle to hurt

And, no, I never lied, but my family died anyways
I guess that's how it goes when your grow up in bliss
And someday I'll be fine, but I just need to take maybe a lifetime or two
So that time can undo what I did
Cause I never could tell if it's me or just Hell in my bones all around
As my home is just crumbling down

In an ancient old land
With such heavenly sand
I will hold the cold hand of the Reaper
And we'll become friends

Oh, no more liars to blame
No more suspects to frame
All just me and my game
With nobody to blame but myself

No more things to reveal
And no fears to conceal
Reinventing the wheel
On and over and over and over again

No more voices outside
Of my own in my mind
All alone and designed
By nobody, nothing, and no one

Though that's not how it goes
I would rather grow old
With the hope that a lie will come true
And defy all the rest

Cause the Devil's convincing enough
To cause me to give up all my luck
Cause you can't give a fuck
If you're dead

And since life's made of stuff
That I could never give up
I decided to ride on both sides
To be dead and alive

And they all think that I'm dead
But it's all in their heads
I'm just so far away
In a Mexican cave made of clay

Cause I never died
No, I just had to hide
And reside with myself for a while

And the crimes of my pride
Are now shifting the tides
On the beach where I lie in decay

And the soul that I had
Far below the cold sand
Is now bleeding and squirming
To reach its dead hand from the grave

Oh, and though I am a man
And I should take a stand
I would much rather sit
And just eat all the shit that they throw at me

Cause I can't be mad, no I only get sad
When it comes to my falsified death
And the people I left

I gave them all up
For a moment of trust in myself
Now I'm just on their shelf
Surrounded by crosses

Ain't it just like the artist
To hate and to love
The same things in themselves
That they think they're above and beyond

Oh, and it's so funny to me
How I just couldn't be free
How I needed to die
In the eyes of the flies that I saw

Now no one knows, they can never tell
If it's me or just Hell
In their bones, all around,
In their home as it's crumbling down

Thankfully, now I can see
It's not them, it's just me
Who's defending their pride
And upending their lives for a comfort

Writer(s): Joe DeVito
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

Fake Death Meanings

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