Gen Jutsu

Gen Jutsu Lyrics Meanings
by Joe DeVito


Gen Jutsu Lyrics

Gen jutsu, gen jutsu
No, the acid doesn't hit just like it used to
All laughter, no glory
I'm in love with God the humble make me horny

Lost linger, lost lonely
I've never been a person, can you show me?
What feelings make loneliness go
When the world goes a way that I don't know?

Like a glowing emblem, pure disease
Like an ancient animal bequeathed
With the will of a God, with the will of the sea
In a post-Enlightenment century

It's all laughter, no glory
All laughter, no glory, oh
It's all laughter, no glory
And I'm sure that that's the way it should be

Gen jutsu, gen jutsu
No, the alcohol don't taste just like it used to
All running, no resting
Inside a pit of fear and tear drops resurrecting

Oh, gen jutsu, gen jutsu
Yes, the sunlight made it better than it used to
But I still feel the pain, that's the point
It just seems to be a different kind of noise

Like God in a porno, like God just queefed
Like those certain types of quotes that think they're deep
Being kitsch is rebellion, being normal is free
When you live within an era of irony

It's all running, no resting
All running, no resting, oh
It's all study, no testing
And I doubt that love is still the best thing

Gen jutsu, gen jutsu
Oh, the mirror makes me think in ways that I never could get used to
But I don't think all is lost
Cause the love that we paraded through, it came at such a cost, oh

Breath's like a note
Sure, I miss the way you held me
But some other things were gross but that's okay
Cause love comes and goes
Like styrofoam on water floating by like it's a ghost

Gen jutsu, gen jutsu
Yes, the trickery's more nuanced than it used to
The older I get
The more the Devil seems to hide within my lover's breasts
It's all
Gen jutsu, gen jutsu
I'll hide myself from fears just like I used to
And trick myself to play
All the silly games of life that we're all taught we should dismay

Writer(s): Joe DeVito
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

Gen Jutsu Meanings

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