John Hiatt Take It Down cover

Take It Down
by John Hiatt
Lyrics and Meaning

Sep 26, 2000

Take It Down Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
Take everything that we have
Take it and burn it to the ground
Some things were never meant to last
Verse 2
Take it down, down, down
Take it down
Take it down, down, down
Take it down
Verse 3
I'm still married to it all
That ain't no place to hang around
My love is fifty feet tall
Verse 4
Verse 5
I've grown accustomed to the way
You hurled us into space
I'll never make that trip
Verse 6
Tears all rusted on my face
And I'm just an empty place
Where your love used to fit
Verse 7
South Carolina where are you
We were once lost, and now we're found
The war is over, the battle's through
Verse 8
[Chorus x 2]

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