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Welcome to Chinatown
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March 29, 2005

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Verse 1
In the cool of the evening
I don't know the reason
But I long to touch
Some young tender hearts sometimes
So I go to this party
With a bunch of me hardies
They say don't get too cute
Don't get too smart
'Cause these people are crazy
They toot coke and drink wang-foo
And they talk in some crazy tongue
Verse 2
There's a slit-eyed lady
Sayin', don't you be so stupid
I may look old, but I'm still good fun
Still good fun
Yeah, I'm still good fun
Verse 3
Well, I ain't that choosy
I'll flip-flop with a floozy
If I figure there's no strings attached
But sometimes I lose my feet
Underneath the back seat
And I have to fly my heart at half mast
Verse 4
Well, this old bitty
She was smart and she was witty
She was really out of control, you know
It was stumble or fall
I had my back to the wall
I didn't know whether to bet or win, place or show
Verse 5
Welcome to Chinatown, she said
I'm gonna lay your body down, she said
I ain't no queen, but I'm wearin' this crown
She said,
Welcome to Chinatown
Welcome to Chinatown
Verse 6
Well, she shimmered and she shook
What she wanted, she took
She shook like some rickshaw ride
She stuck her fingers down my throat
'Til I almost choked
I thought I'd gone to heaven and died
Verse 7
Well, she took me by the ear
And said, what do you want to hear, boy
You want to hear those crazy old lies
I said nothing you can say girl
Can drive me away
Just check my complexion
Make sure I'm still alive
Verse 8
Verse 9
Welcome to Chinatown
Welcome to Chinatown

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