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I Wish I Was Crazy Again
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I Wish I Was Crazy Again Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
I met an old friend this morning
And I stopped him and called him by name
I said, "The years haven't changed you
But he said, "Good Lord, how you've changed!"
Verse 2
So we stood there and talked on the corner
And remembered the good times we had
Then he asked if we're happy together
And I only smiled and I said
Verse 3
"Yes, she keeps me off the streets
And she keeps me out of trouble
Sometimes at night, Lord, when I hear the wind
I wish I was crazy again, yes, I wish I was crazy again"
Verse 4
Then we stopped in at a tavern
We had us a round or two
We called ourselves old desperado's, old desperado's
As old friends are likely to do
Verse 5
We sat for a while and remembered
Then he said, "Let's have just one more"
I said, "I'd sure like to join you
But best be goin' on home"
Verse 6
"Yes, she keeps me off the streets
She keeps me off the streets"

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