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Ibhola Lethu (Our Football Team)
by Johnny Clegg, Johnny Clegg & Savuka & Savuka

Ibhola Lethu (Our Football Team) Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
Ithikiti esandleni -
Ma wezibukeli zonke ezakithi! (twice)
(tickets in your hands all you spectators of ours !)
0 narnhlanje sizoqeda zonke
Izinkulumo, wezibukeli zonke zakithi.
(this is the day when we will put an
End to all the big talk)
Verse 2
Sibuz' obani, bengathint' ibhola lethu
(we want to know who can beat us at our football)
Lapha sihiangana khona bazokhala abanti?
(Where ever we clash with our opposition it is so
Spectacular that the crowd roars its approval)
Sibuz' obani, bengathint' ibhola lethu
(we want to know who will dare to touch our football)
Lapha sihiangana khona, bazodela inkani
(where ever we clash with another team, their
Resistance just crumbles)
Verse 3
Qina, qina wezinsizwa, usho unompempme webakithi
(two times)
(the referee says to all the young players: prepare
Anogijima ne bhol' elihie, zibukeli zishay'
Amakhwele! - Usho
Unompempe webakithi. (run well with the ball so that
The spectators get so exited
That they whistle loudly - says the referee)
Verse 4
Verse 5

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