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Little Ol' Tune
Lyrics and Meaning

Mar 19, 1996

Little Ol' Tune Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
I know a friend of mine
And his business is writing songs
It's a kind of a gift and I get a big lift
From his melodies and diphthongs
Verse 2
We got to talk him once
I was curious as could be
To explain what to do, let him tell it to you
Just the way it was told to me
Verse 3
First you write a little ol' tune, real easy
Not as hard to play as let's say part cheesy
Real simple chords in the key of see
A melody you can groove
Verse 4
Next you add some little ol' words on to it
Try to get some people who'll sing to do it
Then if they say, "My have you got a hit"
You act non committal and say, ?Just a little ol' tune"
Verse 5
Now record your little ol' tune, just hum it
Could you try to fancy it up? Far from it
Dub in some top tenor harmony
Just me, me, me, as you groove
Verse 6
Yes, next you sing a baritone part from way back
Add a zoom, zoom, bass and then start the playback
And when they say, "Ma, he's singing forte"
You act non committal and say, "Just a little ol' tune"
You act non committal and say, "Just a little, just a little ol' tune"

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