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Carmilla Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
Carmilla are you still there-ere, I heard you whisperin' on the stair-air
I felt you callin' me at ni-ight, I see your face by the firelight
Verse 2
Carmilla come back agai-ain, The man in the mirror said you're my frie-iend
But they won't listen to a word I say
They just shake their heads and walk away-ay
Verse 3
Oh yeah-eah, Carmilla, show them its true-ue
They won't believe me when I tell them its you
Can't fool me, I know-ow, I know, I know, I know, you'll never go-o
Verse 4
Oh Carmilla I bear-ear the scar-ars, Of sharp kissin' under the star-ars
I heard your laughter from far away-ay
What is the reason for the games you play
Verse 5
Carmilla stop taunting me, Your dark beauty is haunting me-ee
And I'm too weak to get out of bed
I'm all white and cold from the tears I've ble-ed
Verse 6
Oh-oh Carmilla show them you're real, Make them understa-and how I feel
Don't fool me, I know-ow, I know, I know, I know, you'll never go-o
Carmilla I know-ow, I know what you are
Oh Carmilla
Verse 7
Carmilla, come back again, Give me the power, make it end
Come and kiss me and drink my wi-ine
Well be together till the end of ti-ime, oh-oh
Verse 8
Carmilla well fly away
We'll just run at night and sleep by day
And Ill know-ow, Ill know-ow, Ill know, Ill know, Ill know
I-I'll know, I'll know-ow, Carmilla you'll never go-o
You'll never go, Carmilla-a
Carmilla, I'll know-ow, that you'll never go-o
I know what you are-are

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