Heard About Me cover
Heard About Me cover

Heard About Me Lyrics Meanings
by Jordan Caesar

Heard About Me Lyrics

21 and still breathing
An intimate state of being
Aware, but I'm still feeling
Like a baby. I am dreaming
For days where they do not see me
Eyes closed but never sleeping
Awake, I'm forever seeking
Something more, a greater meaning
Not alive, simply existing
Without a drive, merely drifting
Away. I feel myself slipping
Away but I am not trippin'
Embrace it. I'm losing interest
In everything. No ambition
Today 'cause there is no hope for tomorrow
Clouds paint the sky at night there is no North Star to follow
Exposing blind spots in my armor, but I bottled it all up
And now it's filling up glasses for them to take shots and laugh at
My outfit is fly, but on the inside I'm crashing
And they don't lose sleep, they don't care if they lose me
'Cause if they ever catch me slipping, they'll just say they knew me
Whether you reject me, or embrace me, or exalt me, or you shame me, you can love me, you can hate me
But either way you only heard about me

And I always hear the same rumors
I never thought that you would send my name through it
Paradise is here but it don't feel the same, do it?
What's a life if there ain't ever any pain to it
And I, and I always hear the same rumors
God is watching me and he don't smile the same, do He?
And I know it's been a minute since I prayed to Him
Think I finally found the right words to say to Him

Writer(s): Jordan Pettis
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

Heard About Me Meanings

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