Fall Down cover
Fall Down cover

Fall Down Lyrics Meanings
by Jordan Caesar, Nanette

Fall Down Lyrics

Why'd you build me up
Just to watch me fall, fall down
Just as things were looking up
Here you come to knock me down

Watch me fall down
Feeling lost now
Used to being alone but something's off now
Logic's tossed out
Answers crossed out
I wear this mask in public 'til I exhaust smiles
Tears never calm down and neither does the screaming
Or the pain you feel inside when you're the only one who's grieving
And you try to wait it out but time hasn't brought the healing
You can never know love, if you never know the meaning of
Sacrifice, your happiness comes at the expense of mine
Dying to quench a thirst that money could never satisfy
Trying to fill a void while everybody is acting like
I should be sitting well because my debut tape excelled
But how am I supposed to feel when all relationships have sailed
Along with any reason to make new ones because people fail
All my expectations of what love's supposed to be like
From one bitch to the next, there's no way that this could be right
Mom talked to me, but I said that I would be well
If I never listened to the advice that she'd tell
God spoke, but I couldn't make out the details
Too busy fighting niggas and making out with females
Trials of an adolescent carried over as I got older I started to see, that I'm all I got
I ain't time for your lessons and hugging and holding if you think your words affecting me, then I'm sorry their not
Because I refuse, to sit around and just wait for all the promises you made to me to finally come true
Me and my brother shared a room and I would cry myself to sleep 'cause your plans always fall through
And you never came through!
When I put that knife to my wrist, dog, I had to blame you!
And I prayed to God about it but that hasn't changed you!
And that shit changed me, but you're still the same you!
Now what, you just expecting me to fucking chase you!?
Why? All because you ready for a new life
I can think of a few times I chewed pride and reached out trying to do right
But you're still the same nigga
That threatened my sister
Suspecting you of shit but
That's when you play victim
Ma chose to stay with you
But I had to get out
Can't wait for apologies
To see how it turn out
A reputation of idols
Seemingly lost now
Repeating the same cycle
Letting me fall down

Why'd you build me up
Just to watch me fall, fall down
Just as things were looking up
Here you come to knock me down

Writer(s): Jordan Pettis
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

Fall Down Meanings

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